Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tommy Lee Tattoos

Tommy Lee is the great musician, drummer and founding member of the heavy metal group Mötley Crüe and Methods of Mayhem. He is also well known for being the former husband of Pamela Anderson and father of her two children.

Tommy Lee is perhaps the most tattooed celebrity out there, with well over forty tattoos, if you count all the designs within his two sleeves.

The tattoos on his right arm include, a large long leopard, a skull wearing a top hat, a dragon on his bicep, the cartoon character mighty mouse, along with several other designs.

The tattoos his left arm include, two rather large koi fish, a white daisy flower, among many other colorful tattoo designs.

Tommy Lee has two huge tribal lion heads on his chest, the word "Mayhem" on his upper abdomen, and a lotus flower along with the number 30 on his lower abdomen.

On his back, is a magnificently large tribal tattoo design which nearly covers his entire back. The design almost appears to be wings of some sort.

He has a colorful star on each hand, plus the names of his sons on both wrists "Brandon" and "Dylan".

Some of Tommy Lee's other tattoo designs include, a large crow on a withered branch on his right thigh, a band of interesting symbols on his left thigh, the lips of an ex girlfriend behind his left ear and flames on the right side of his neck.

Tommy Lee probably has even more tattoo designs, in hidden areas which we'll never see, or would ever want to see, for that matter.

Checkout these pictures of rocker Tommy Lee and his tattoo artwork.

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