Sunday, December 5, 2010

Phil Anselmo Tattoos

Phil Anselmo is an American musician, perhaps best known for being the lead singer of the heavy metal band Pantera, he is also the front man for the group, Down, and owner of Housecore records.

Phil Anselmo has a smattering of tattoos on his body, mainly focused on his arms.

The tattoos on his left arm include, a skeleton, a plaque with the saying "Body and Blood, Joy and Pain, Life and Death". He also has a snake on the inner side of his forearm with a demon and flames on the outer side.

Some of the tattoos on his right arm include, a large zombie head, the devil and other ghoulish creatures on his upper right arm area.

Feast your eyes on the evil tattoos of rock star, Phil Anselmo.

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