Monday, November 22, 2010

Ryan Gosling Tattoos

Ryan Gosling is an excellent actor and musician, best known for his role in the movie The Notebook and Half Nelson.

Ryan Gosling has several "homemade" tattoos on his body, including the book cover of "The Giving Tree" located on his left shoulder, the book was written by Shel Silverstein in 1964.

He has a tattoo of the famed silent film actress, Theda Bara, on his left bicep.

His other tattoos include a horizontal solid bar on his inner left wrist, plus a couple of other small "doodle" tattoos on his left forearm and elbow area.
Ryan Gosling has been quoted as saying: A tattoo should never be meaningful, because at a certain point you're going to hate it, and it might as well make you laugh.

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